Double Tap IPSC

Welcome, I would like to introduce Double Tap to those who like shooting.

We provide IPSC fun day, IPSC certificate course, IPSC practice sessions and 3 Gun shooting events. We are waiting for you. Come and join us now!

IPSC Airsoft Shooting

IPSC Fun Day (2 hrs)

Safety Shooting, Entry level for beginner

$200/@, all equipment included

IPSC Certificate Course (4 hrs)

Advance skills, ready to join IPSC match, road to victory!

$600/@, all equipments, Double Tap membership fee, included

IPSC Practice

Practice makes prefect, enjoy shooting

$150/@ 1 session,

$600/@ 2 sessions a week,

$800/@ 3 sessions a week

3 Gun Nation Shooting

Pistol, rifle, shotgun shooting in one competition! Excited and challenging

$500/@ Certificate Course

$200/@ Practice session

Act Now!