IPSC World Shoot比賽延期


Official Message from the IPSC President, Mr. Vitaly Kryuchin:

Dear Regional Directors, Athletes, Instructors, Trainers and Range Officers,
Dear Partners, Sponsors, Patrons and all the IPSC Officials,

I would like to inform you about the decision of the IPSC Executive Council to make a change in the IPSC Calendar for 2020-2022 years. These changes were approved at today’s meeting according to the majority vote of the IPSC Regional Directors with the request and consent of the host Regions.

  1. Handgun World Shoot XIX and General Assembly 2020, Pattaya, Thailand postponed to November/December 2021.
  2. Shotgun World Shoot IV 2021, Pattaya, Thailand postponed to November/December 2022.
  3. Action Air World Shoot II 2021 is postponed to 2022. The date will be announced later.
  4. PCC World Shoot 2021 is postponed to 2022. The date will be announced later.

IPSC is monitoring the situation and we are following the recommendations provided by the World Health Organization, the GAISF, and other leading health and sports authorities around the world. We are also fully aware of the recommendations on travel and restrictions imposed by airline companies and Governments.

Stay Safe!


Vitaly Kryuchin
IPSC President



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